• Caroline Harris

A New Posture

In the past year, a general sense of not knowing took the entire world captive. Upon the entrance of COVID-19, all predictability was thrown out the door.

When the reality of the pandemic set in for me, I found myself in a constant state of wishing. Wishing to get out of my house. Wishing to see my friends. Wishing I could travel. Wishing for “normalcy” to return.

All of this wishing left me feeling anxious and hopeless; I was at the mercy of a virus I had no control over. I felt cloudy-brained and sad even though I was with the people I value most in life.

After a couple weeks of wishful thinking, I realized that this pandemic was not going away as quickly as I hoped it would. I could either wallow in sadness or transform my thinking. Rather than get caught in the monotony of zoom classes and work every day, I decided to look for little joys in each day.

Ann Voskamp talks about a unique posture of thankfulness in her book One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are. She intentionally sheds light on tiny details woven into each day that we might unknowingly gloss over. She records things like morning sun peeking through the dew on her windowsill or the sound of birds chirping in the middle of the day in her working list of a thousand things that bring her joy.

Though I didn’t make a list of every little thing I was thankful for, I became more aware of the hidden joys in each day. Being in Wrightsville Beach for most of quarantine played a large role in my renewed mindset. I learned to appreciate sunsets, long walks, and that salty smell when you first turn on your shower.

This slower pace gave me more time to reflect on what really matters in my daily life. It was easy to feel pressured to accomplish a long list of things with all of the free time I had, but I discovered that this extra time was actually an opportunity to hone in and make room for the few things that matter most in my daily routine.

So, as I sit here sipping my morning coffee, I challenge you to take inventory on your daily routine. What makes you smile? Where is your time most valuably spent?

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