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Friday Favorites

Consumer culture in the US is pretty alarming. We are so quick to cycle through fashion and pour money into trendy, not so sustainable things, curating overall wasteful habits with frivolous spending. I have tried to hone my spending, so that I am left with things I actually value, whether it’s for my health, happiness, or style.

Once I find something I like, I tend to stick to it. I feel that I have curated a pretty good stockpile of things I use daily. I don’t like to spend money on tons of different things, I would much rather find a staple than a trend. I find more value in putting my dollars towards products that are sustainable, long term, and make me happiest. Here are a few of my current favorites.


Ever since I got my license, I have carried around a money wallet connected to my car keys. Last year, I realized how much space it took up, but I also didn’t love keeping all of my cars in a phone wallet. I saw one of my friends carrying around this sleek little card holder that wasn’t connected to anything, but was easily thrown into a purse or just held in hand. These wallets are very well-made, come in all shapes and sizes, and are customizable! Of course, I had to get Carolina blue.


I always heard hydroflasks were the best, but I just couldn’t justify spending that much on a water bottle when I already had 5 normal bottles that did the same job. When I say this is probably the best purchase I made last year, I am not joking. I bought the 32 oz bottle with a straw lid, and not only does it keep the water cold for as long as I want; it makes me drink so much more water! I have found that some other water bottles start smelling moldy after a few days, but this one does not at all! I would also recommend buying one of the plastic bumpers to go around the bottom to prevent dents. I don’t have one of those and dropped mine right when I got it. I just keep telling myself the bangs add character.


There is a general idea that circulates the skincare industry that the more expensive something is, the better it should work. While that is true for some products, it is not for these particular products. Earlier this year, I was having trouble with my skincare routine. I couldn’t find a system of products I wanted to stick to and because of that, my skin was not its best. My friend, Macey, recommended these products to me, and I have noticed that after I integrated them into my routine, my skin is so much clearer and more glowy! The three products I like most are Hyaluronic Acid, Niacinamide, and “Buffet.” I can post a complete skincare guide on a later blog post.


My roommates and I have used a Keurig all four years of college. We have also cycled through an actual coffeemaker and a nespresso, but the Keurig has stayed around. Not only are the pods terrible for the environment, but it takes up so much counter space and collects a lot of mold from the standing water in it. My roommate, Lily, introduced me to a new method, the French press. Since introducing this to our daily routine, we have said goodbye to the clunky Keurig. Not only does our French press make the perfect 1.5 cups of coffee for one person, it is so fast, and the effort you do put into making a serving feels rewarding as you sip on the perfectly brewed cup of joe. The French press also allows for more control over how strong you like your coffee -- I like mine extra strong. After a few days of testing ratios, I have found my sweet spot and will never go back to a Keurig!

I hope these items inspire you to try something new. Let me know if you have luck with any of them!

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