• Caroline Harris

Get Out of Your Head!

Change affects people in really peculiar ways. Growing up, I feel like I heard the quote “the only constant is that everything changes” countless times. Change is continual, whether it’s the change of the seasons in nature, the change of lanes on the highway, or the change of a house after renovation. Even though change is ever present, there are certain life changes that carry more pressure.

I remember the transition to college from high school was quite daunting. I was going off to a new place, with people I barely knew, stripped of the comfort of my home and my family. There were so many unknowns, from social life to classes to my daily routine. It was overwhelming. But look where I am now -- a graduating senior who is very sad to leave a community of amazing friends, an apartment of girls that feels like home, and a town I have explored and found my place in.

My next big transition scares me the most. While high school to college was a stark change, I was at least around a huge group of people that were in the same life stage as me: we were all working towards the common goal of higher ed: graduating. It’s kind of funny to think of how little variation I had in the people I interacted with in college. I was really only around people my age, with the exception of professors, so the occasional kids running around campus or older people I saw in the grocery store were rare sights.

Going into the working world after college is total unknown territory. I have always said I wanted to live in a big city after I graduate, but the reality of all that comes with a big city is starting to be clearer to me. I have trouble thinking of all of the what-if’s going into a time of change that I can’t totally prepare for.

It is easy to slip into the overwhelming feels and miss living in the moment. And right before big changes, being in the moment is more critical than ever. As I live these last few weeks of being a student at UNC, I have decided to get out of my head. I want to be fully present, enjoying the people I am around and completing the final items on my senior year bucket list. I will not slip into the worrying mindset about the impending post grad change.

Whether or not you have a big change coming, let go of the what-if’s and be present. You don’t want to miss some of the most formative, engaging life lived well.

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