• Caroline Harris

March Madness

Yes, I go to the University of National Champions. My love for UNC basketball started way before my freshman year. Having two alum parents, I am quite literally Tar Heel born and bred. I grew up going to football and basketball games regularly and always envisioned myself at the school as a student.

Once I came to UNC, my connection to basketball became even stronger. As a member of the UNC Dance Team, I not only got to go to every home game, but I also interacted with and taught dances to the basketball players at Late Night with Roy at the beginning of each season. Having a personal connection to the players (shoutout to my yearly Late Night partner, Garrison) makes UNC basketball even closer to my heart.

March is a special time of year for any college basketball fan. The air in March just feels more electric: multitasking class and mid day games, making bracket bets with friends and family, and cheering for an underdog upset (my favorite was when Lehigh (15) beat Duke (2) in 2012). Last year’s “march madness” had to do with the pandemic, but it is time for college basketball to reclaim that title.

I am interested to see how it goes with all of the games happening in Indianapolis, but I am so excited to welcome March Madness back into daily life. Whether I’m watching from one of the million tabs on my laptop or from a bar with some friends, I am going to savor this season and pray that I don’t lose my bracket -- loser has to get a monk cut!

Happy March Madness.

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