• Caroline Harris

The Harris Collective: How it all started

I feel like everyone had a quarantine project, whether it was making a loaf of sourdough or learning how to surf. My COVID creation came about after the initial stay-at-home orders, but the idea had been brewing for some time. My sister and I were sitting at our kitchen table at the beach, drinking coffee and looking at the waves, and we decided to just go for it. We have always been interested in health and wellness, workouts and cooking, and we wanted a platform to share our ideas with the world.

Lindsay said, “Okay, let’s just come up with a name and do it.” We had talked about creating an Instagram or blog where we post recipes, workouts and general lifestyle content. We dreamed it up but never took the final steps to create the account. After spitballing names for awhile, I finally thought of “The Harris Collective.” A collection of sisters who want to share some of our favorite things with the world.

We went full-force into posting the workouts we had been doing and recipes we were creating. I grew a new respect for social media video editing and caption writing. We finally got the system down: Lindsay was great at editing videos and I could create the art for each post. We followed all of our friends and built a little community.

The engagement on our posts grew exponentially as we started posting more. Our activity dropped off as school resumed and we had other, more pressing responsibilities. Since our little break, Lindsay and I have decided we want to revamp our project. Follow @theharriscollective to see what we come up with next!

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