• Caroline Harris

The Importance of Reconnecting to Your Roots

As spring sets in and a season of rebirth begins, I find myself enchanted by the blooming trees, vibrant flowers, and green grass that replace a barren, dry winter. Thinking back to the basics of plants, they can be separated into three parts: roots, stems, and flowers. Though my initial fascination starts with the beautiful flowers, it is amazing to think about what goes on beneath the soil to make these beautiful blooms possible.

Roots are the grounding lifesource of plants; they provide nutrients, connection, strength, and foundation. Our roots as humans have a similar pull, connecting our past to our present and future. Everyone grows up with different values, lessons, and relationships -- some painful, some beautiful, but all necessary. Our roots make us into the people we are today. Some try to forget their past completely, but roots remain the foundation our lives are built on.

I was reminded this weekend how vital it is to reconnect to my roots. It is so easy to busy yourself with current, day to day commitments, and completely forsake your past. I feel like I have grown into such a more well-rounded, caring person in my time as a UNC student, but it is so important to not leave my entire past behind.

After spending time with extended family at the beach over Easter, I felt refreshed and whole. I also had a close friend from high school come to visit me in college for the first time, and it was so cool to see my past high school world collide with my present college world! It is in the time spent with people who have known me through so many life changes that fuels me to go on to my next pursuits in life.

So, my challenge to you: reconnect to your roots in some way this week: whether it’s making a comfort food you grew up with, calling an old friend, or planning a trip back home.

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